The pros of the New Twitter Activity Tab

by Ana, posted 6 years ago
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Twitter has recently launched a new tab in the top bar, showing the latest activity of people
you follow. The Activity tab is a great way to find tweets you’ve missed in your own timeline, probably because the tweet was too old, to complex to get your attention or posted by someone you didn’t follow.

The new activity tab is a good solution to this, you discover new people to follow. You could find great people using the who to follow page, but come on, how often did you check that page?
It pays attention to the best tweets, which are favorited by your friends, so you have to spend less time looking for the tweets and scan between the ‘I have to pee’ tweets, your friends do the job.


Lots of people dislike the new tab, it’s blamed for being too busy, chaotic or having too much or even too little information. You can read more about their opinions here, here and on twitter tracker.However, I believe we should give this tab a chance to improve our lives, especially for people who don’t follow that many interesting people. I’ve discovered new people by this and would love this feature in my the beginning of my Twitter, the more people I engaged with the more I started to like Twitter and use it.

From experience I know it’s hard to get used to new features, it’s a change in your twitter routine, so I decided to open the tab every morning for a while, to get used to it, to follow new people and pay attention to favorite tweets. Don’t judge too fast.

What do you think, should we feed this feature to the lions or praise it to heaven?