Updates to Twittercounter

by Ana, posted 7 years ago
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We’re blogging!

It’s been a long time coming and some of you might have noticed already that we we’re hard at work making this blog. Now that we’re finally live you can expect regular updates about the status of our service, including updates, maintenances schedules, hints about new features, special offers and much more. Now that the formal intro is done, let’s see what we’ve updated on Twittercounter.

New “Tweet This” buttons

We’ve updated our Tweet This buttons on the website. We’ve colored them green to make them more noticeable and added a cool new balloon that pops up when you hover over the button. You can either click on the button and post to Twitter yourself, or, if you’re logged in to Twittercounter, we will post it for you.

Plan your Featured User campaign

For users who have purchased a monthly subscription as a Featured User on Twittercounter we now offer the ability to plan the start date of your campaign. That means you now also have total control over when your campaign is run. Check out all the other cool options and testimonials on our Featured User page.

New chart

Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of a new type of chart. You might have noticed (and even clicked on) the “Ooh shiny” button on top of the charts. The chart is combination of your statuses and your follower growth over a given period. This allows you to correlate your tweets to your follower growth. For now the chart is only available on a single user basis (you can’t do a comparison).